On a road to Bondi Beach

After our beach epiphany last night, we decided to spend the day exploring Bondi and Bondi Junction and testing the commute to and from the CBD.  We walked down to Circular Quay and hopped on a ferry to Rose Bay.  Ten refreshing minutes later, we were strolling along New South Head Road and gazing out at the serene waters below us.

We settled in at The Swimmers Club for lunch and feasted on a delicious open face trout sandwich along with a dish of coddled eggs with portobello mushrooms, Sydney’s take on oeufs en cocotte aux champignons de Paris.

The Swimmers Club
Smoked Ocean Trout, avocado chili smash and sweetcorn soubise on toast
Coddled eggs with mushrooms at The Swimmer's Club
Coddled eggs with mushrooms at The Swimmer’s Club

After lunch, we were able to hail a cab and to North Bondi Beach.  Our plan was to walk from one end of the beach to the other while zigging and zagging through some of the inner streets.  Campbell Parade, the main strip on the beach, is a lot quieter in the winter time.  You’ll still encounter ample surfers and beach side activities but it isn’t as packed as when we were here in March.  The walk along Bondi was awesome.  Going even one or two blocks in from Campbell gets you away from the hubbub and into some fairly residential-feeling territory. It’s definitely bustling but I think, if anything, we’ll appreciate that, coming from New York.  We walked up to Icebergs and took in the view from the top of the hill.  I think we’re sold!

Bondi Beach
View of Bondi Beach from near Icebergs
Bondi Beach
View of Bondi Beach from Campbell’s Parade

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