The Next Food Network Star?

I really don’t watch much TV but a show I’ve really gotten addicted to lately is the Next Food Network Star.  Think American Idol, but instead of singing entertainers, throw a bunch of (possibly even bigger) personalities into a constantly changing kitchen and watch them duke it out for fame, fortune and food.  The stakes are high, the judges are mean, and the competition is tough.  Star performers include the smiley, all-American, single-mom Aria Kagan, the quirky, Indian, British-accented food blogger, Aarti Sequeira, the adorable (and highly emotional) Latin personal chef and trainer Herb Mesa, the Italian diva, ballerina and attorney Serena Palumbo, the boy-next-door, turned pro chef Brad Sorenson and finally San Francisco’s own homeboy, Tom Pizzica.  Phew!

With contestants constantly being shuffled through the stack, it’s hard to say if there’s a clear winner.  One thing is for sure, the judges sure seem to be biased towards Aarti Paarti’s quirky antics and Serena’s “tiny body but big personality”….hmm is it possible that Bobby Flay and Bob Tushman will skew the votes?  What do you think? Scroll down to vote.